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Welcome to the world of comedy with a purpose! Meet Mutzie, the renowned clean comedian who has been making audiences laugh, think, and feel inspired for over 30 years.


Mutzie's comedic talent and unique approach have earned him several prestigious accolades, including being named Christian Comedian of the Year by the esteemed Red Letter Awards in Nashville. He has also been honored as the New Orleans Entertainer of the Year not once, but twice, showcasing his exceptional ability to connect with diverse audiences.


With an impressive resume that includes performances on 65 cruises annually for six consecutive years and appearances on BET's Comic View for multiple seasons, Mutzie has proven himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with. He also has a Drybar comedy special out right now. 


What sets Mutzie apart is his ability to seamlessly weave the Gospel message into his comedy routines. Audiences can expect to go from roaring with laughter one moment to being deeply moved by messages of love and faith in the next. Mutzie's shows are not just entertainment – they are a transformative experience that resonates long after the laughter fades.


Having graced the stages of over 300 churches across America, Mutzie is committed to making his church shows impactful and meaningful. His primary goals are to leave a lasting impression on the audience and to share the message of the Gospel with all who attend. Additionally, Mutzie has delighted audiences at over 300 corporate events, showcasing his versatility and appeal across different settings. He researches the companies before the shows and personalizes it to meet their needs. 


Mutzie's comedy is more than just a performance – it is his ministry. Congregations everywhere have embraced his humor, heart, and unwavering faith, making him a beloved favorite among audiences of all backgrounds. When you bring Mutzie to your event, you can be sure that your congregation or corporation employees will be in for a night of laughter, reflection, and genuine connection.


Experience the magic of Mutzie's comedy and let him bring joy, inspiration, and the message of hope to your next event. Your audience will not only love him – they will thank you for introducing them to the comedic genius that is Mutzie.



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